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Inside Michèle Lamy's World: Fashion, Art, and Design Insights

Michèle Lamy x MINDED Podcast

In the heart of Paris, amidst the grandeur of a Napoleon-era building, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting Michèle Lamy on the latest episode of the MINDED podcast. A woman of boundless energy and enigmatic charm, Michèle is not just a muse; she’s an indomitable force in the worlds of fashion, design, and art. Known for her distinctive style and profound influence on Rick Owens’ work, her life is a tapestry of experiences that blend the old with the new, the traditional with the avant-garde.

The conversation with Michèle began with a reflection on the past year. Since presenting at the CDA Awards, Michèle has been tirelessly promoting her designs globally, from the Emirates to China, and even Saudi Arabia. Her work continues to gain visibility despite the challenges of the times, a testament to her relentless drive and unparalleled creativity.

"Despite these challenging times, our work is gaining more visibility," Michèle shared, highlighting her recent travels and upcoming projects in Shanghai and Dubai. Her connection with iconic architect Jean Nouvel has only deepened, further enriching her artistic journey.

One of the most striking aspects of Michèle is her ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable and welcome. It’s an innate quality, unplanned and genuine, that leaves a lasting impression on those who meet her. "People often mention my energy," she said with a smile, "and Rick, most of all, sometimes jokingly says I bring chaos—he's the only one!"

Michèle’s warmth is not just perceived; it’s felt deeply. Her presence is magnetic, drawing people into her world where creativity knows no bounds. Her storytelling is equally captivating, weaving tales from her upbringing in Jura to her dynamic life with Rick Owens.

Michèle Lamy x MINDED Podcast

Our conversation ventured into the fascinating history of the building where the interview took place. This Napoleon-era structure, once the headquarters of the Socialist Party and a former office of Mitterrand before he became president, sat empty for 23 years before Michèle and Rick transformed it into their creative haven. "It was left abandoned just as it was before... It was waiting for us," she mused.

Michèle’s ability to see potential where others see neglect is a reflection of her visionary spirit. The building now stands as a fusion of past and present, much like Michèle herself—a blend of history and modernity, continually evolving yet deeply rooted.

When asked if she believes in destiny, Michèle’s response was both profound and poetic. "I won't delve into destiny, but I must admit that sometimes there's this inexplicable force that propels me," she explained. This force has guided her to places and projects that seem to manifest naturally, driven by a blend of intuition and spontaneity.

Discussing the creative process, Michèle revealed that it often feels as though the piece itself is in control, guiding her through its creation. "The piece is in control. The creative process often leads the way," she said, emphasizing the organic emergence of ideas from her surroundings.

This philosophy extends to her approach to furniture design, where she and Rick decided, "We don't buy, we make." This mindset has led to the creation of unique, artisanal pieces that resonate deeply with their environment and their audience.

Despite the tumultuous times, Michèle remains hopeful about the future. "I always believe tomorrow will be better," she affirmed, sharing her optimism despite the current challenges.

Michèle Lamy x MINDED Podcast

In our traditional closing segment, Michèle recommended the works of Etel Adnan, a writer, and painter whose poetry and prose have deeply influenced her. She also expressed a desire to see Sheikha Al Mayassa from Qatar on the show, intrigued by her insights and contributions to the art world.

As we concluded, Michèle’s parting words were filled with plans and promises, reflecting her ever-optimistic and forward-thinking nature. "Let's not wait another year," she said, suggesting future meetings and collaborations that left us eager for more.

Michèle Lamy is more than an icon; she is a living embodiment of creativity, resilience, and boundless energy. Her stories, insights, and presence on the MINDED podcast were not just enlightening but inspiring, leaving us and our listeners with a renewed sense of wonder and excitement for what lies ahead.

Stay tuned to the MINDED podcast for more fascinating conversations and join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of Michèle Lamy, a true pioneer in the world of art and design.

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