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2023 Milan Design Week with Marcel Wanders and Suchi Reddy

Marcel Wanders and Suchi Reddy join MINDED Podcast in Milan to discuss a variety of topics from how Salone went from a fairly local fair to a global superpower. We also chat about the latest opportunities with AI, and how the design industry wants to promote innovation but also easily finds itself stuck in old habits.

Marcel Wanders is a Dutch designer, and art director in the Marcel Wanders studio in Amsterdam, who designs architectural, interior and industrial projects.

Suchi Reddy is an Indian-American architect and artist. She is the founder of Reddymade, an architecture, design and public art practice based in New York City. Select projects include "me + you," the Google Store NYC, the Connective Project, the Cherokee Residence, the Salt Point Residence, and the amenities in the Estates at Acqualina.

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