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Crafting Elegance: Thomas Delage’s Path from Bordeaux to Vogue

Updated: Feb 15

In a revealing interview with MINDED, Thomas Delage, a prominent figure in the fashion publication industry, sheds light on the intricacies and allure of fashion magazines. Delage's transition from the charming streets of Bordeaux to the fashion epicenter of Paris unfolds as a story of ambition, resilience, and an unwavering quest for excellence.

Delage's initial foray into fashion was deeply rooted in the vibrant pop culture of his youth, drawing inspiration from icons like Britney Spears and Madonna, and the transformative works of photographers David LaChapelle and Stephen Klein. His early engagement with Vogue, especially a 2006 issue featuring Paris Hilton, marked the beginning of his enduring affinity with the magazine.

Thomas Delage x Volve x Vogue France | MINDED podcast
Photograph courtesy of Thomas Delage

His move from Bordeaux to Paris represented a fulfillment of his aspirations. Delage's internship at a production company, where he was involved in fashion broadcasts and shows, was a pivotal moment, cementing his aspiration to be a part of the fashion world. He fondly recalls his exhilaration at attending his first fashion shows, a moment that profoundly influenced his career trajectory. His diverse experiences in PR and luxury retail, including a role at Le Bon Marché, were instrumental in preparing him for his eventual position at Vogue.

Addressing the challenges confronting the fashion industry, Delage underscores the critical need for ecological awareness. He elaborates on Vogue France’s efforts towards sustainability, such as adopting eco-friendly practices and minimizing travel, as part of a larger movement towards a more responsible fashion industry.

Thomas Delage x Calvin Klein x Vogue France | MINDED podcast
Photograph courtesy of Thomas Delage

Delage also delves into the role of technology in transforming fashion. He discusses the integration of 3D scans in magazine covers and the exploration of new materials like mushroom leather, highlighting the industry's rapid adaptation to technological advancements. Delage perceives these developments as a fusion of traditional artisanship and modern innovation.

Through his conversation with MINDED, Thomas Delage unveils the multifaceted nature of the fashion publication industry. His narrative transcends the glamour typically associated with fashion, focusing instead on the industry’s evolution, its current challenges, and its commitment to both sustainability and innovation.

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