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Dr. Carmen Simon - Neuroscientist

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Cognitive neuroscientist and founder of the company Memzy, Dr. Carmen Simon brings the sciences to business. A professor at Stanford University, her recent book Impossible to Ignore has been selected as one of the top books on persuasion.

Dr. Simon has worked with corporations such as AT&T, Google, Cisco and ESPN. In this episode, we discuss attention span, brain stimulation and how to deliver a memorable message.

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No, you do NOT have the attention span of a gold fish

Carmen Simon is the founder of a company called Memzy, which helps corporations use brain science to create and deliver memorable messages. She has worked with AT&T, Google, Cisco, HP, Merck, McDonald's, Xerox, and ESPN, among others. Her most recent book is called Impossible to Ignore, and has been selected as one of the top books on persuasion. Dr. Simon has two doctorate degrees: one in instructional technology and one in cognitive psychology. Dr. Simon also teaches at Stanford University and speaks frequently on the importance of using brain science to craft communication that is not only memorable but sparks action.

How to deliver a memorable presentation

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