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Ezequiel Pini on Fusing Nature and Technology Through Art

-Solene Milcent- Six N five- Avant Arte- Websize

BARCELONA — In a sunlit studio tucked away in the Catalan capital, Ezequiel Pini is blurring the boundaries between the virtual and the visceral, one mesmerizing digital creation at a time. The Argentine artist, known by his alias Six N. Five, has captivated audiences worldwide with his dreamlike, poetic compositions that fuse natural and synthetic elements into transcendent realms.

Ezequiel Pini's journey into this interstitial creative space was the focus of a recent episode of the MINDED podcast, hosted by Yuri Xavier. Over the course of their thoughtful dialogue, the 43-year-old designer offered insights into his pioneering use of 3D technology as an expressive medium, his philosophical musings on the nature of reality, and the role of solitude in nurturing his artistic voice.

"For me, even though I was using digital tools, it was a way to create something real, beyond the idea that the output was an image or video," Mr. Pini reflected. His works, which often depict serene landscapes or minimalist architectural spaces, belie an intricate, meditative process of world-building. "Making a landscape or space where I would like to exist gives me very pleasant, tranquil, and calm sensations."

This ability to construct imagined environments that inspire a sense of presence and mindfulness is central to Mr. Pini's practice. His pieces invite viewers to ponder the malleability of perception and the interconnectedness of the tangible and intangible realms. "When I finish something and people can see it, I have an interaction that really happens," he said. "I feel very happy and fulfilled in that situation."

Ezequiel Pini - Six N. Five.jpg
Born in Buenos Aires, Mr. Pini's artistic awakening occurred when he discovered 3D computer graphics as a powerful creative tool, one that allowed him to transcend the constraints of physical reality. What began as a means of visualization for architectural projects evolved into an avenue for poetic self-expression and philosophical inquiry."I started to use this concept and this question of what is real and what is not as part of all my projects," he explained. "To what extent are these sensations from a practice in the digital world not considered real, when for me they are?"

Mr. Pini's ability to imbue his virtual constructions with a profound sense of materiality and atmosphere has garnered him recognition on platforms like Instagram, where he has amassed a devoted following. Yet, his true muse remains the solitary creative process itself."Time alone, whether in nature or in the studio, is very important and definitely necessary," he said, acknowledging the vital role that introspection and immersion play in his work.

As the boundaries between the corporeal and the simulated continue to dissolve, artists like Mr. Pini stand at the vanguard, daring to reimagine the contours of reality itself. With each new creation, he extends an invitation to transcend our perceived limitations and revel in the boundless possibilities of the digital canvas.

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