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Design Rendezvous in Paris with Nina Magon: Collection Reveals and Ambassador Insights | MINDED podcast x Maison&Objet

Updated: Jan 23

In today's episode, we're graced by the presence of the ever-charming Nina Magon, right here in the heart of Paris. Despite the weary journey and the dreary weather, Nina's spirits and style remain impeccably high. The city's beauty shines through rain or sunshine, much like her own design philosophy.

Nina takes us through a whirlwind of her recent triumphs – the launch of her second lighting collection with Studio M, a breathtaking book debut during New York Fashion Week with Balmain, and the global launch spanning cities like Dubai. This journey from vision to tangible art is nothing short of inspiring.

Nina Magon and Yuri Xavier - MINDED podcast
Nina Magon and Yuri Xavier

Delving deeper, Nina shares the inception of her book – a venture started with a conversation and a vision, brought to life by Monticelli Press and now part of the Phaidon family. But it's not just about the content; it's about creating something unique, something that stands out on a coffee table or a bookshelf – a piece that's as much a work of art as it is a compilation of her work.

As we traverse through Nina's world, we uncover her role as the Maison Objet ambassador, a role that merges her vision with the brand's ethos, and a schedule filled to the brim with engagements, media deadlines, and interactions with a myriad of companies.

But it's not just about the glitz and the glamour. Nina gets real about the challenges and decisions in scaling her brand, the intricacies of team dynamics, and the ethos she upholds in her firm. It's a balance of creativity, business acumen, and a constant thirst for learning and adapting – whether it's embracing new technologies or venturing into real estate developments.

@MINDEDpodcast | Nina Magon and Yuri Xavier | Theoreme Paris
@MINDEDpodcast | Nina Magon and Yuri Xavier | Theoreme Paris

From client interactions to product design, Nina's journey is a testament to the power of relationships, clear communication, and staying true to one's vision. And while the world of design is ever-evolving, Nina's approach – grounded in authenticity, innovation, and a keen sense of the market – remains timeless.

Before signing off, Nina leaves us with a glimpse into her world, inviting listeners and viewers to explore her work and journey further.

This is Minded Podcast, powered by the CDA Paris Edition, and presented by Maison et Objet and Paris Design Week – a celebration of vision, design, and the minds shaping the future of the industry.


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