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Gloria Alvarez - Political Commentator

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Gloria Álvarez is an outspoken libertarian. The author of two books titled The Populist Deception and How to Talk to a Progressive have made her an international sensation. With no plans of slowing down, she is getting ready to chase her biggest dream - becoming president of Guatelama

In this episode, we discuss government responsibilities, democratic socialism and the state of politics in Latin America and the World.

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Gloria Álvarez Cross is a Guatemalan radio and television presenter, author, and libertarian political commentator. She is the host of the "Viernes de Gloria" radio program in Guatemala. She is the program director of the National Civic Movement of Guatemala, an organization that advocates for the participation of an informed, responsible, and active citizenry in national politics. She has written two books, "The Populist Deception: why our countries are ruined and how to rescue them," released in 2016, as well as "How to Talk to a Progressive." which is being released in 2017.

Álvarez first received media attention in 2014, after a speech given by her at the Ibero-American Youth Parliament received widespread coverage on social media. She has become well known for her discourses against populism, a movement she believes has resulted in political instability in many Latin-American countries.

She wrote her first book, El Engaño Populista (The Populist Deception) alongside Axel Kaiser.

After the allegations that the director of Movimiento Cívico Nacional received money obtained by Alejandro Sinibaldi, Álvarez left the party on August 9, 2017. She said that she quit regardless of the legality of the situation and to be coherent with her ethical principles.


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