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The Fashion Forward World of Louis-Gabriel Nouchi


In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, Louis-Gabriel Nouchi stands out as a visionary designer who seamlessly intertwines literature and style. In a recent conversation with MINDED, the founder of the brand LGN (Louis Gabriel Nouchi) offered a captivating glimpse into his creative process and the driving forces behind his unique approach to menswear.

For Nouchi, fashion is not just about clothing; it's a means of self-expression and a canvas for storytelling. Each of his collections is meticulously crafted around a literary work, drawing inspiration from the narratives, characters, and themes within the chosen book. This unconventional approach has garnered Nouchi widespread acclaim, as he challenges traditional notions of fashion design.

"Every collection is a book," Nouchi explains, "which means we have this kind of red thread, this luxury of time to think before." This cerebral and collaborative process allows his team to explore the depths of a literary work, extracting its essence and translating it into wearable art.

Nouchi's love affair with literature began at a young age, when his mother encouraged him to immerse himself in books as a means of channeling his boundless energy. This early exposure to the written word laid the foundation for his unique creative process, which he has honed and refined over the years.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Nouchi's work is his ability to reinterpret classic literature through a contemporary lens. His Fall-Winter 2023 collection, for instance, drew inspiration from Guy de Maupassant's "Bel-Ami," a 19th-century novel that explores themes of ambition, desire, and societal norms. Nouchi's interpretation challenged traditional menswear conventions, incorporating elements of transparency, body-conscious silhouettes, and unconventional materials.

"If you want to spread a message, you really need the people to wear it," Nouchi asserts, emphasizing the importance of creating wearable pieces that resonate with his audience. His designs are not mere statements; they are invitations to engage with literature and fashion in a profound and personal way.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Nouchi is also a vocal advocate for sustainability and ethical practices within the fashion industry. He believes that honesty and transparency are crucial in addressing the challenges faced by the industry, and he strives to incorporate these values into every aspect of his brand.

As the conversation with MINDED drew to a close, Nouchi's passion and dedication to his craft were palpable. His unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining menswear has solidified his position as a true innovator in the fashion world. With each collection, Nouchi invites us to embark on a literary journey, where fashion and storytelling converge in a harmonious and thought-provoking symphony.

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