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Meagan Fallone - CEO - Barefoot College

Championing women in the developing world, Barefoot College's CEO Meagan Fallone speaks regularly on the power of women as agents of sustainable change and poverty reduction. She has been a leader on the topic and strong advocate for several philanthropic causes.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of mindset and how women will change the world. 

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Responsible for Barefoot College International, Meagan is currently steering the establishment of a further 6 Barefoot College Vocational Training Centers throughout Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America and Pacific; to triple the size of the Barefoot College by 2018. In addition she is leading a dynamic team of young colleagues throughout the world to develop and deploy a digital M&E platform and the migration of Barefoot Learning content in education and solar electrification areas, formulated by the exceptional founding family of Barefoot College, with a view to creating information sharing across literacy barriers in true South/South cooperation spirit. Meagan has been a field presence in more than 76 countries since joining Barefoot College and currently guides field Operations and partnerships in 84 Countries. She is responsible for Development, Strategic Planning, Budget Management, Policy & Advocacy, Measurement & Evaluation and Communications initiatives of the Barefoot College Internationally

Barefoot College is the only fully solar electrified college built by the rural poor and managed by the rural poor. For 40 years the College has demonstrated the power and impact of demystifying modern technologies into rural settings focusing on basic quality of life improvement; Water management (rainwater harvesting), basic lighting (solar electrification), livelihood development (handicrafts, health communications) and Education (rural based, alternative education that includes indigenous skills and wisdom).


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