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Michael Leon - Global Creative Director - Sonos

Raised in the skateboard culture of the late 80’s, Michael Leon’s work lives in a unique place. Created by melding his DIY attitude with finely honed skills in cross-disciplinary design, the results have generated meaningful work for some of the world’s most loved brands from Nike to Patagonia.

In this episode, Sonos' Global Creative Director shares his thoughts on branding, creativity and business culture.  

Available on: iTunes | Spotify | Tunein | Spreaker

Senior creative leader for the Sonos brand globally, overseeing the image of the brand in all media... Brand identity, 2D, 3D, and digital design, as well as content and copy for all global marketing. Manages a large creative team internally as well as a network of global agencies in the creation of brand assets that help Sonos achieve its mission of filling every home with music. Responsible for making Sonos a globally recognized cultural symbol in the company of elite brands in the home, music, technology, and design categories.


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