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MINDED Paris Design Week: A Chronicle of Innovation and Heritage with Frederik Molenschot

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A Chronicle of Innovation and Heritage with Frederik Molenschot from Studio Molen..

Inside the incredible Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris, a luminous figure in the contemporary art and design landscape, Frederik Molenschot, opens up about his artistry which spans across a rich tapestry woven with deep connections to his past and an unyielding drive towards the digital future. Let us delve into the dynamic confluence of traditions and modern innovation that makes Frederik's work a beacon in today's art world.

Bridging Generations Through Art

Frederik often speaks of a deep-rooted connection with his father, a connection that goes beyond mere familial bonds, exploring shared experiences and a legacy that finds reflection in his work. Through his art, Molenschot embraces a dual role – his father's influence in his life while also breaking new ground, crafting a path distinctly his own yet beautifully intertwined with the memories from the past.

A Walk Through Paris: A Journey Through Inspirations

Molenschot is an artist deeply in tune with his surroundings, drawing inspiration from the rich history displayed in African masks and the ancient designs of kayaks found during his wanderings in Paris. This deep reservoir of inspiration speaks to Molenschot’s open approach to creativity, blending the modern with the traditional in a seamless narrative that finds expression through his art.

Crafting the Future: From Bronze to Digital Canvas

Looking ahead, Molenschot envisions a realm where the tangible meets the virtual, bridging the world of his bronze sculptures with the expansive digital universe of game design and augmented reality. It is a visionary leap, envisaging interactive art experiences that invite global participation, breaking down physical boundaries and forging connections through the digital landscape.

Cinema: A Mirror Reflecting the Complexity of Life

Cinema holds a cherished place in Frederik Molenschot's artistic journey, epitomizing the intersection of hard and soft, real and surreal that characterizes his work. Molenschot's affinity for Tim Burton's cinematic style offers a glimpse into his artistic philosophy, grounded in rich narratives and showcasing the complexities of human life through the prismatic lens of artistry.

A Nostalgic Glimpse Through "Little Nemo"

Molenschot expresses a deep reverence for heritage and tradition, which is encapsulated in his admiration for the 1910 serialized comic, "Little Nemo." This choice reflects a nostalgic yet timeless journey into the world of dreams and creativity, bridging past and present and illustrating the enduring nature of art and imagination.


Frederik Molenschot stands as a testimony to the ever-evolving narrative of art, a visionary holding onto rich traditions while venturing into unexplored terrains of the digital world. Throughout his journey narrated in Paris Design Week, Molenschot emerges as a relentless seeker, driven by a deep-seated passion and an urge to transcend boundaries, offering viewers not just a piece of art but a gateway into a world woven with threads of history, personal narratives, and futuristic vistas.

As we step back, leaving the artist amidst his masterpieces that echo tales from a rich past and beckon a future full of untapped potentialities, we carry with us the essence of Frederik Molenschot — a visionary committed to his craft, etching his place in the annals of history as a harbinger of a new era in the world of art.

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Behind the scene MINDED podcast Paris Edition. Yuri and Frederick talk at Carpenters  Workshop Gallery in Paris
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