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MINDED Paris Edition:The Material Mastery of Denis Montel and Julia Capp from RDAI

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MINDED Paris — In a city where every street echoes with stories of artistic visionaries, RDAI principles Denis Montel and Julia Capp carve out their own niche with a design philosophy that is sensitive, visionary, and ever-evolving. As the guiding forces behind distinctive Hermès stores and a wide array of innovative projects, they offer a rare glimpse into their world of creativity and forward-thinking during a conversation brimming with reflection and dreams of the future.

Sourcing Inspiration and Materials

With their hands firmly on the pulse of the regions they work in, the duo explores the depths of local materials and traditions, painting their designs with shades of authenticity and heartfelt tributes to local communities. This exploratory approach, where field visits and research are integral, brings forth a refreshing and conscientious take on design. Denis and Julia also shared details about Material Curator, a materiality and artistic direction consulting service they have just launched.

Dreams of Cultural Imprints

As the conversation ventured into the territories of dreams and future aspirations, a shared enthusiasm for cultural projects emerged strongly. Denis harbored a special dream of designing a church, a place of pure spirituality, diving deep into the essence of divine creativity. It's more than architecture; it's about creating a space that reverberates with spirituality and human connection.

Julia, parallely, expresses a growing interest in hospitality and cultural projects, drawing from their enriching experience with recent hotel projects. The duo eye a future where they can marry creativity with humaneness, crafting spaces that narrate tales of culture and artistry.

The Unique Essence of Hermès

A symbiotic relationship with Hermès finds them crafting stores that are less commercial spaces and more a fabric of the local communities they reside in. A uniqueness emanates in every Hermès store, as Montel and Capp ensure no two stores share the same design, instead, they breathe and live with the local culture, embodying the specificities and vibrant hues of their locations.

The Path Forward

In a dynamic landscape, where every day is a canvas of opportunities, Montel and Capp are unabated explorers, their spirits untamed and curiosity unquenched. With around 50 projects in different stages of development, the dynamic duo balances a tight ship, with a dedicated team backing their vision and transforming dreams into concrete realities.

The Culinary Delights

As we veered into personal spaces, the conversation naturally gravitated towards culinary delights. While Julia enchanted with her rendition of the classic pavlova dessert, giving it a unique twist, the mention of Ossobuco heralded nods of approval, a dish that speaks volumes of shared joy and cherished gatherings.

As Denis Montel and Julia Capp stand at the pinnacle of architectural design, their visions rooted in the rich tapestry of local cultures, they envisage a future replete with projects that resonate deeply with human experiences. They dream not just in structures, but in spaces that breathe life, narrate stories, and stand as a testimony to an architecture that is alive, pulsating with the heartbeat of the communities they touch. It is a journey carved not in stone, but in dreams, curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of exploring the uncharted terrains of creativity and human connection.



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