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EP7 - Pari Ehsan

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Merging her two passions; Art and Fashion, Pari Ehsan went all in creating a blog like no other. During the early stages of her professional career as an interior designer, Pari left everything behind to immerse herself creatively and physically to bring her vision to fruition. With a large following, she has done collaborations with major brands such as Audi, La Mer, John Hardy, just to name a few. In this episode we talk about how everything started,

current challenges and where she is heading.

Available on: iTunes | Spotify | Tunein | Spreaker

Pari Dust explores new ways to combine the elements of our visual world, offering windows into contemporary art, fashion, and the built environment through her unique lens. In an ever-evolving space Pari Dust seizes opportunities to engage in conversation with influential minds and collaborate with those who share and heighten her vision. Seeking to provoke and expose new ideas through the process of discovery as she travels the world, Pari celebrates the interactions and influence of art and design and how they merge to define our contemporary moment.

MINDED is an outlet for people who want to learn from industry and creative leaders that have an innate drive for excellence. Our guests set themselves apart by challenging the norm and pushing ideas forward. In a never-ending pursuit to succeed, we thrive to have an in-depth conversation about life, business and the world we live in. Hosted by Yuri Xavier.

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