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Tina Rosenberg - The New York Times

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Tina Rosenberg is a Pulitzer Prize winner and the author of three books. She co-writes a weekly column in The New York Times called Fixes. In 2013, along with David Bornstein and Courtney Martin, Tina founded the Solution Journalism Network with the objective to work with news organizations to help them add solution reporting to their coverage. 

From fake news to responsible journalism and the lack of public trust in the media, Tina makes the case on how to improve news coverage.

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She is a longtime New York Times writer and, since 2010, co-author of the New York Times Fixes column.  The column, written with David Bornstein, is an example of solutions journalism — rigorous reporting on how people are responding to problems. Bornstein, Rosenberg and Courtney Martin founded the Solutions Journalism Network in 2013. The organization works with news organizations to help them add solutions reporting to their coverage.

She grew up in Holt, Michigan, and earned her bachelor's and master's degrees from Northwestern University. She was living in Latin America in 1987 she won a MacArthur Fellowship.  Her experiences there led to her first published book, Children of Cain: Violence and the Violent in Latin America (1991). Rosenberg has also written hundreds of magazine articles, for such publications as The New Yorker, Foreign Policy, Rolling Stone, The New Republic, and

Between 1997 and 2007 she was an editorial writer for The New York Times, specializing in international issues. She has also been a contributing editor at The New York Times Magazine.

Her latest book is Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World (2011)


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