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Unravel the Mystery of Maarten Baas' Unconventional Designs!

In this captivating episode of the MINDED Podcast, join us as we delve into a thought-provoking conversation with acclaimed artist and designer Maarten Baas. Discover the essence of authenticity in artistic expression and the power of staying true to oneself throughout the creative process.

During our conversation with Maarten Baas, we delved into various aspects of his creative process, his projects, and his views on the art and design world. Here are some key highlights and takeaways from our discussion:

The Starting Point: Maarten Baas discussed how his projects often begin with a spontaneous idea or a response to a specific brief. Whether it's his own inspiration or a commission, he visualizes how he can communicate his concept through physical objects.

Playing with Contrast: Baas's work often explores contrasting elements, such as the clash between traditional and modern, chaos and order, or the intersection of intellectual heritage and contemporary culture. He uses these contrasts to provoke thought and create engaging experiences.

Dealing with Feedback: Baas mentioned that he is open to critique and values genuine feedback. He is willing to engage in a dialogue, but he finds it challenging in the age of quick opinions and incomplete information. He focuses on respectful conversations and is willing to explain his intentions and point of view.

The Creative Process: Baas described his creative process as non-linear, where ideas come spontaneously or through experimentation. He emphasized the importance of thinking with your hands and starting to work, as it often leads to new discoveries and solutions.

Diversity and Representation: Baas acknowledged the importance of diversity and inclusion in the art and design world. He believes in breaking through the dominance of certain groups and providing space for different perspectives and talents. Baas actively involves diverse artists in his projects and aims to promote inclusivity.

Work in Progress: Baas discussed the evolving nature of the design industry and the ongoing efforts to achieve more diversity and equality. He acknowledged that there is still work to be done but highlighted the importance of having open conversations, exploring ideas, and making mistakes in the process.

The Influence of Childhood: Baas mentioned that his upbringing and the qualities he admired in his parents have influenced his work. He combines his father's autonomous mindset with his mother's ability to connect people, finding a balance between shaking things up and maintaining harmony.

The Inner Child: Baas spoke about tapping into his inner child and maintaining a sense of playfulness in his work. He believes in taking bold steps and not being afraid to challenge conventions or potentially risk his career. He cherishes the qualities of his 15-year-old self and strives to embody them in his creative process.


  • Book: Maarten Baas suggested the biography "Matthew Perry: A Biography" by Matthew Perry, which provides an intriguing insight into the actor's life and challenges.

  • Film: Baas mentioned "Bullet Train," directed by David Fincher, as a recent film he enjoyed. He appreciated its unique style, blending elements of Japanese culture, and its ability to take the audience into uncharted territories.

Overall, our conversation with Maarten Baas shed light on his creative process, his approach to art and design, and his thoughts on diversity and inclusion. His work challenges conventions, creates contrasts, and sparks conversations, making him a unique and influential figure in the art world. ⁠

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